What happens once I complete a group?

Once you click the "Collect Payment" or "Send Payment" button as the organizer, we attempt to authorize and then charge all the cards. If you have a big group (10+ people) or your group has been in progress a long time (over one week), it's possible that someone's card will fail. If a card has an issue, you'll know this within three or four minutes of hitting the "Collect Payment" button.

For more about what to do when a card fails, see this article

If no cards fail, then just sit tight! Pay By Group is verifying that your purchase is legitimate. You should see a confirmation email send within an hour or two. If more than 24 hours pass from when you hit "Collect payments," no cards failed, and you still don't have a final confirmation of the Pay By Group, reach out to us at support@paybygroup.com to see what's going on.

And that's all there is to it! Remember that you can always use the "My group" tab to remind yourself who exactly joined in, how many spots they claimed, or how much money they put in. You can handle things from here!

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