How do I join a Pay By Group?

Pay By Group is a service that lets people collect money from friends and family to make group purchases. By joining a group, you're agreeing to be charged IF the group reaches a certain number of committed members or a certain amount of money committed. You will not be charged until the group hits that minimum and the organizer decides to finalize the group.

If you've been invited to a Pay By Group (or you've just started a group), here's how you join it:

First, click "Join in" in the top right.


Next, you'll need to log in or create an account. If you have account with Pay By Group already, make sure to go to the "Sign in securely" tab. If you're new to Pay By Group, click "No account? Sign up for free." If you're already logged in, you won't see this step at all!

There are three ways to create an account with Pay By Group. You can see how to create each type of account in the image below. For more about creating accounts and logging in, see the login section.

1) Facebook connect: sign in through your Facebook account. This is the fastest way to create an account. We will never post anything on your Facebook unless you explicitly choose to share your group's link on Facebook.

2) Email, name and password. You can change any of these later

3) Guest checkout. You won't be able to log back in.



Once you're in, there are three more things to do:

1) Claim as many spots as you want to pay for, or (in some cases) specify the amount of money you're willing to contribute

2) Put in your credit or debit card details

3) Confirm!

 It's important to note that you will not be charged at this point. You only get charged if the group completes and the organizer decides to finalize the group.

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