Which cost-splitting option is right for my group?

Pay By Group has two different ways to split the cost of a group purchase:

1) Splitting the cost evenly:

  • Each share costs the same amount
  • People can claim multiple shares
  • As more shares join, the price-per-share decreases
  • Everyone splits one fixed total cost

2)  Flexible cost per person:

  • Each person specifies how much they're paying
  • You can specify a minimum amount for them to pay
  • Everyone pays into one total cost
  • The total raised can exceed the initial goal of the group


So which one is right for you?


You may want to split the cost evenly when:

  • You have an inclusive price quote for the whole group
  • The total price quote does not change based on the number of people coming
  • Examples: most rentals (vacation homes, boats, etc), rent for an apartment, parties

You may want to choose flexible cost per person when:

  • You want each person to be able to pay a different amount
  • You need to specify a minimum contribution amount of each person paying
  • Examples: getting paid back for a dinner, fundraisers, complex groups
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