How do I change my commitment card or amount?

So your card expired, or got stolen, or you figured out you can't come on the trip at all. Or maybe now you're bringing a +1 and want to claim an extra spot. You've already committed to the Pay By Group -- how do you change that commitment?

The good news is as long as the group hasn't completed yet, you can edit absolutely everything about your commitment. You can change the number of spots you've claimed, the card you use, the amount of money you've claimed, or even withdraw from the group entirely. Here's how to do it:

First, click "Show my details" to view your purchase details including number of spots and/or amount committed to pay and credit card selected for your payment.


From there, click the "Change my contribution" button (unless you want to withdraw entirely, in which case just hit "Withdraw from Purchase" and then confirm that instruction in the pop-up that appears.)


Now you can change whatever you want about your commitment: spots claimed, card used, you name it. Click the "I'm in for..." button at the bottom to confirm the change and you're all set!


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