As an organizer, how much does Pay By Group cost to use?

If you created your Pay By Group directly from our website and independent of any third-party merchant's website, it's free for you to use Pay By Group to collect money from your friends and family; your invitees will be charged 2.9% of their contribution amount on top of their shares to cover credit card processing.

If you created your Pay By Group by using an integrated Pay By Group Checkout option on a third-party website the fee structures can and do vary, starting from $0 and ranging upward. The fee structure will always be shown to you, the organizer, when you select the Pay By Group Checkout option, and to your invitees when they join the group.

If you don't remember how you created your Pay By Group, just look at the top of your Pay By Group dashboard. Pay By Groups created directly on our website will only show the Pay By Group logo above the title, like this:


Pay By Groups created on third-party merchant websites will show an additional business name or logo at the top, like this:


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