How to set up a Pay By Group

So you want to start a group, but the form fields are throwing you for a loop?

Here's a walkthrough for each one. Start by going to

As we go, the numbers before each section will help you match the field to what users will see once the Pay By Group gets set up. This picture might help you make that comparison.


1) On, the first field is "What is this Pay By Group for?" You should enter a few words of text describing what your group is all about. "Aquarium tickets for Friday," "Mets game," "Labor day trip," etc are all examples of appropriate titles. Ideally, people in your group will see this title and know immediately what this Pay By Group is trying to buy.

2) Next up is the "Add details" field. Here you'll want to talk a little more about the group and any logistics that everybody should know. This is a great section for dates, times, and locations. Get specific!

3 & 4) The next two things you have to set will have to do with the split type that you pick. Check out this section on picking which type is right for your group!

5) "Add a picture" is where you'll upload the front-and-center image like you see above. Make it something related to your group. Great pictures help get the group excited about whatever you're getting! We recommend uploading PNG files. If you're pasting and address from the web, make sure the url ends in .png, .jpg, or .gif for the upload to work properly. Images will be made to fit a 697 by 466 pixel box, so make sure they're as high-quality as possible!

6) Last is the "Deadline for group to join" field. We default this field to being four days in the future, because generally speaking you want your group to complete as quickly as possible. Try to avoid setting this at anything more than a week or two away. Remember, you can always change it later!

Everything on this page except for the way that your group splits the cost is editable. If you pick the wrong way to split the cost for your group, you'll need to make a new group.

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