My bank account won't validate -- what's wrong?

A bank account on Pay By Group really has two separate parts: an identity check and a payment destination. 

The easier one to check is the payment destination component. The site asks for the Name On Bank Account, your Routing Number, and Account Number. 

The Name on the bank account does not necessarily have to be your name. It can be the name of someone else, or even an organization.

Usually the Routing Number is what trips people up. Pay By Group needs the electronic routing number for ACH payments, not the number for wire transfers. This number is typically 9 digits long. If you need help finding it, look it up or contact 

The Account Number is just the identifying number of the credit or savings account that you're depositing money into. It's the second group of numbers on the bottom of your checks. 

Note: Your routing number for checks may be different than your electronic routing number. Find the electronic router through your online bank.

The identity check is trickier. Pay By Group's bank wants to make sure you're a real person before it pays this group's funds to you. Double check all your information to make sure it is current. The most common problem with this section is the Address field, which prefers simpler answers to more complicated ones. My address might well be 5018 Blue Street Tower 2 Suite 306 Apt 404c, San Francisco, CA but for our field, I should just write "5018 Blue St." 

If you're positive that all the information you've submitted is correct but you're still having trouble with collection, contact us at 


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