Splitting the cost evenly

There are two ways to split the cost of a Pay By Group.

The first and most common is "Split the cost evenly." This option is great in most circumstances when you know the total that your group has to pay. Use it for vacation rentals, gifts, parties, and more.

Splitting the cost evenly will break the total amount up into a certain number of evenly-priced "shares." Users can claim multiple shares when they join the group. As an example, say you want to rent a two-bedroom house for 2 nights for $400.

The "Total cost" is the cost of whatever you're splitting. 

The "Minimum group size" is your group's tipping point. You will be able to collect the money as long as 3 shares of this group are claimed. For example, if you're inviting your friend to come with you, and she wants to claim spots for both herself and her husband, she can claim 2 shares. This can be edited after creation.

Now, say the house can only accommodate up to seven people. The "Maximum group size" is an optional field that you can include if you want to cap the participants in your Pay By Group. This can also be edited after creation.

 The great thing about this way of splitting the cost is that as more people join your Pay By Group, the cost of each share goes down!  $400 split 3 ways means that each share is $133, but if you get all 7 shares claimed, then each share only costs $57! Pay By Group will automatically adjust the amount of your commitment as more people join the group. So make sure to invite your friends! 

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